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Trimex Polymers Pvt. Ltd. is a leading supplier of wide range of polymers based products like Tarpaulins, Greenhouse Films, Packaging Products, Waterproofing and Insulation Solutions to various organization in India and across the globe.  We also deal in products like Nylon Ropes, Nets and PP, HDPE Ropes that are of the best quality and supplied at value price.
  Tarpaulins & Packaging

Trimex Polymers deals in wide variety of quality Tarpaulins and Packaging products. These products are supplied customers across India as well as in  Global Market.

HDPE Tarpaulins Heavy Duty Tarpaulins
Canvas Tarpaulins Blue Tarpaulins
Truck Tarp Heavy duty Tarp
Standee Pouches Packaging
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  Waterproofing & Insulation

Trimex Polymers Offers wide range of world class Waterproofing and Insulation Solutions and products that are developed on the latest and proven technologies

Roofing - Waterproofing Synthetics Membranes
Drainages Geotextiles
Thermal Insulation Thermal Insulation Deck
Thermal Insulation Slab Acoustic Insulation
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  PP, HDPE Ropes & Nets

Wide variety of Utility products like  Nylon Ropes, PP Ropes, HDPE Ropes and Nets for use in Industry, Sports, fishing and other general use are supplied by Trimex Polymers.

Nylon Ropes Coiled Ropes
Coiled Ropes Twisted Ropes
HDPE Twine PP Ropes
Nylon Nets Fishing Nets
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