Waterproofing & Insulations

Waterproofing and Insulation materials of highest quality are supplied by Trimex Polymers for the Real Estate and Housing Industry.





Garden roof membranes
Garden roof membranes is the safest and most long-lasting root-resistant range of
membranes for green roofs, available in both APP or SBS.

Self-adhesive membranes
The widest range of mineral cap sheets, with separate selvedge film for an easier
application, under lays and high-performance vapour barriers, This is available
even with double-sided adhesive to avoid any hot work on the roof.

Car park membranes
Car park membranes is an SBS membrane with a tough PY carrier and PY fleece
finish, suitable for car park & motorway waterproofing. It resists up to 220C, and
is therefore highly recommended for mastic asphalt applications.

Bridge deck waterproofing
Bridge deck waterproofing 6 kg are very tough membranes designed
for heavy wheeled traffic & bridge deck waterproofing.

Aluminium-faced membranes
A wide range of aluminium-faced membranes in SBS, self-adhesive or oxidized

Tanking & gas barrier
A self-adhesive range of membranes 2 & 3 mm, that will meet designers and developers requirements for every type of application in tanking and and Structural waterproofing, as well as a methane/radon gas barrier.

A wide range of waterproofing membranes to meet every requirement.

Trimex Polymers markets products for roofing / waterproofing , thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as the corresponding auxiliary materials for each of these fields. These waterproofing range of membranes is produced using state-of-the-art technology, quality raw materials and the most suitable carrier for each type of application polyester, glass fibre, composite or co-extruded polyethylene.

Acoustic Insulations

Polymer-based, asphalt-free, high density synthetic soundproofing membrane that offers good acoustic insulation in different building elements:
Plasterboards, brick walls, floors, drainpipes and metal roofs.

Thermal Insulation
XPX Insulation boards made of rigid extruded polystyrene foam with a closed-cell structure, manufactured through an original process developed by Dow Chemical Company.

Also Thermal Insulation Board formulated with polyisocyanurate (P.I.R) through a foaming process for roofs & walls.

Thermal Insulation. Slabs
The Thermal Insulation Slab is rigid, extruded polystyrene foam slab with closed cell structure, self-protected on the upper side with 350mm thick mortar screed, composed of selected aggregate and reinforced with polypropylene fibers.

The widest range of protective and drainage systems for walls, floors and foundations.

Geo textiles
Polyester geo textile fleeces, glass fiber felst and polypropylene geo textiles for use in construction and public works.

Waterproofing Bituminous Membrane
Unprotected and Protected polymeric bitumen membranes, polymeric self-adhesive membranes and oxidated bitumen membranes for roofs and walls waterproofing.

Waterproofing Synthetic Membranes
PVC, TPO, EPDM & HDPE Synthetic membranes for waterproofing of buildings, pools, reservoirs, channels, tanks, tunnels, landfills.

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