Trimex Polymers is one of the pioneer suppliers of Tarpaulin products for varied use in Industry and other areas.




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Trimex Tarpaulins are used in the following application areas:

Floor lining for storage or stacking, railway wagon covers,  transportation cover and Sheets.
Water proof liner for trucks, tempos, warehouses, sheds, etc.
Mulching - to retain earth moisture.
tarpaulins for Storage, fumigation covers, poultry shading tarps.
Construction sites - covering for cement bags, equipment, metal rods.
Curtains for Construction Sites and buildings under repair.
Swimming Pool Covers, Recreational uses at picnics and camps and more.

In addition to Tarpaulins for varied use like Truck Tarp, Pool Tarps, Tents etc. , Trimex Polymers also supplies multilayered cross laminated cover sheet for Green Houses and Tunnels. These sheets have excellent mechanical and technical properties when compared to any other film of comparable thickness.

The salient features of these films include U.V. Stabilized, 80 - 86% Light Transmission and ease of installation.
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