Packaging Products

Various types of packaging products for food and other industry are offered by Trimex Polymers Pvt. Ltd.
Packaging Products




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Trimex Polymers is one of the leading supplier of pouches/rolls stocks to offer a range of self life protection, appearance and performance features. These products are available with the entire process of rotogravure printing, adhesive lamination and finally from the industry's finest advanced pouch making system.

High resolution proofs of the samples are provided as a matter of course so that pack layout an design can be viewed at the highest possible standard before printing. Sample packs can be produced enabling the packed product to be viewed in its finished format prior to printing.

We offer the markets broadest range of heat-sealable laminates to suit specific end user requirements, right from polyester, polyolefin's, aluminum foil, oriented and cast polypropylene films to name a few.

Trimex supplies a broad range spectrum of pouches to suit a variety of market and packaging conditions. Our popular range extensively used by industry are Standup Pouches, Center Seal Pouches, Side Gusseted, Jumbo 5kg Bags to name a few.
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